Best Electric Golf Carts For Hills – Affordable & Powerful

Electric golf push cart on golf course

We’ve all had the unfortunate of trying to push golf accessories up a hill. It’s inconvenient and just a drag – it spoils your mood, and soon you’ll feel ready to leave the golf course. Electric golf carts have become the best thing for golfers, but some of these lack the power to climb hills. This is something that you might have discovered already – only to find that your purchase ends up as a disappointment. 

When all things are considered, the FTR CaddyTrek R2 is the best electric golf cart for hills. This cart is big enough for your golfing equipment and accessories, and it even comes with a built-in robotic system. The lightweight design, combined with the folding frame, makes it a truly travel-friendly companion. 

The Struggle With Hills On A Golf Course

While some golf courses tend to have a very flat playing surface, others may rather have several hills that you have to pass. When playing on a golf course with hills, you may find that carrying your own equipment upward can be a struggle. 

When carrying your equipment, having a bag that weighs 40 pounds is going to make walking from one spot to the next tedious. While the bag itself may weigh below 4.5 pounds, consider the equipment you add. Golf clubs, balls, and other items add additional weight to the bag. 

Electric golf carts offer an alternative to manually carrying your equipment uphill. There are different types of golf carts on the market – with some being able to handle an upward slope more effectively than others. Finding the best electric golf cart for hills should be done by looking at specific factors like power, stability, and load capacity

The Best Electric Golf Cart For Hills

When you look at electric golf carts, you’ll find that there is a large variety of options to choose from. These carts come in different sizes, models, shapes, and price ranges. Choosing that perfect one for a golf course with hills can be tough – which is why we did the research for you. 

Below, you’ll find an overview of the top electric golf carts you can buy for hills. These are all powerful options that come with the features you need to feel more comfortable on the course. 

1) FTR CaddyTrek R2 

The FTR CaddyTrek R2 is one of the best options that you can find right now. While the price may seem a bit high, compare it to options with similar features, and you’ll see this one as the more cost-effective caddy. 

The caddy has a lightweight framework, which makes it easier to work with. It’s frame also folds up easily. This allows you to carry the caddy and store it in the trunk when you are on your way to the golf course. The compact size also contributes to its mobility. 

A wireless remote control is included with this electric golf cart. The remote control can be used to steer the caddy, as well as adjust its speed. The speed settings of the caddy can be set from low up to high speed. 

Wide track wheels are used in the design of the FTR CaddyTrek R2. These wheels provide better performance on grass and sandy terrains – which you are definitely going to find on the golf course.

Caster wheels can be found at the front, as well as an added one at the back. These wheels use the same durable structure as the rear wheels. 

The FTR CaddyTrek R2 uses a dual-motor system to provide enhanced performance – making it powerful enough to climb the slopes with you. The 250-watt power rating provides adequate power without the need for a more consistent recharge. 

Top Features Of The CaddyTrek R2

  • Uses a smart robotic system
  • The frame makes the caddy a compact option that folds up
  • Lighter than many alternatives, which means carrying the caddy to your car is easy
  • A remote control allows you to easily adjust the speed of the caddy
  • A caster wheel at the back adds extra stability to the caddy

2) MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy

The first thing you notice about the MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy is the unique take on the design. The caddy is quite different from the designs we see in other models. Instead of providing a bulk system with multiple storage compartments, this caddy gives you a minimalistic option instead. 

The idea of this caddy is to provide only the essential functions you need without adding bulk. The included remote control makes navigation with the caddy quick, easy, and much more convenient. You also get a reverse function on the remote control, as well as the ability to adjust the speed at which the caddy moves. 

The MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy uses a patented technology that also sets it apart from a large number of alternatives. The Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology, as the brand calls it, helps the caddy keep a straight track – regardless of the terrain, it is being used on. 

To reduce the risk of tipping, you also have the ability to implement a more restrictive speed control as the caddy moves downhill. This can help to reduce the risk of damage to the caddy and your golfing equipment. 

The caddy uses a 24V 380-watt battery. The lithium battery type provides enhanced performance and ensures recharging is not a problem. 

Top Features Of The MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy

  • The remote control offers multi-directional movement
  • Built-in reverse function
  • Speed can be controlled
  • Uphill and downhill speed control function
  • Motors features a twin calibrated design, enhancing agility and power
  • Powerful 380 watt motor with 24V battery

3) Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart

If you enjoy getting more for your money, you’re going to love the free accessory kit that comes with the Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart This cart focuses on performance, power, and versatility. The design is relatively minimal too. 

With such a basic design, the caddy can keep its weight on the lower side. This means loading the caddy in or out of your car should not be a problem. There is an angled structure that provides storage for your golf bag and accessories. Two straps are used to secure your golf bag in place, which ensures no damage will come even if the caddy tips over. 

The caddy uses a 35Ah sealed lead-acid battery. The battery provides sufficient power for the engine to run. The 35Ah capacity of the battery offers a long-lasting option that does not require frequent recharging or replacement. 

The FCC authorized controller that accompanies the caddy focuses on safety and putting you in charge. Easily adjust the speed of the caddy to ensure it complies with your surroundings. The remote provides a range of up to 120 yards. Two 200 watt motors are used in the development of the caddy. 

Additional convenient features are also offered, such as a USB port in the caddy. There is also a cruise mode that helps you get a more automated response from the golf cart. 

Top Features Of The Bat-Caddy X3R

  • High capacity 35Ah lead-acid battery
  • The battery has a spill-proof design for added safety
  • Comes with a free accessory kit
  • Minimalistic design that is easier to use and takes up less space
  • Comes with a storage compartment at the rear side
  • Straps have a closure to secure your golf bag

4) Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control

The multifunctional design of this electric golf cart is what makes it such a good option to consider. The Cart-Trek Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control is a powerful option that has a multifunctional structure. 

This is essentially a pushcart, which means you can use it to push all of your equipment around the course – and even up a hill. When you want to preserve some energy, however, simply press a button to turn on the electric motor. 

The cart has a very basic design that does not add anything “fancy” that might get in your way during the game. Instead, you get a simple metal structure with a dedicated area for hooking up your golf bag. 

A GRI-1500Li V2 Lithium battery is used in this cart. The battery provides enough power to ensure the motor can run continuously for a significant amount of time. 

Top Features Of The Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart

  • Used with manual or automatic settings
  • High-performance Lithium battery
  • Works with a wireless remote
  • Full speed control settings on the remote

Best Electric Golf Cart For Hills Buying Guide

While a list that helps you find the best electric golf cart for hills is useful, you may still not be sure which of these are right for you. There are times where you find yourself looking at more options too. Understanding the basics of the electric golf cart is important. At the same time, learn what to look for – this way, you’ll be able to buy a golf cart that can easily deal with the slopes on the course. 

We will share a few things you need to look at when buying an electric golf cart for the hills below.

  • Storage Space: You do not want to buy a cart and still carry some accessories with you. Make sure the caddy provides enough space to keep all of your golfing equipment. 
  • Portability: Large carts take more space to store, which can be inconvenient when you are planning to travel. Make sure the electric golf cart you buy has a portable structure. Many of these carts can be folded, which makes them much more compact. 
  • Battery: Take note of the battery used in the device. A Lithium battery is a good option as it can be easily recharged and provide long-lasting performance. You should also take note of the voltage. For climbing hills, you will generally not need something more powerful than 48 volts. Many of the lower power batteries can still allow a cart to move up a slope. 
  • Price: Don’t forget to compare the prices of multiple carts. Some of these carts can be very expensive. Try to find one that gives you the right balance between price and features while also taking quality into account. 

Wrapping Up Electric Golf Push Carts

There’s something enjoyable about walking a golf course that you lose when you ride in a cart. If you have a pushcart you kind of get to enjoy walking the course and getting exercise. But there’s a difference between a natural gait when walking and a gait when pushing or pulling your cart. This becomes extremely noticeable on hilly courses. If you’re playing a course where you’re having to huff and puff to play a round, it can take away from the enjoyment. Saving a bit of energy to crush drives is important. If you’re out of breath at the tee box, you can’t perform your best. Hopefully, golf courses will start to add electric golf push carts, so that you can rent one. The aforementioned electric trolleys are a few I would recommend.

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