Best Golf Accessories to Have – Rarely Discussed But Used Often

Golf Accessories

Hello, fellow golf addicts!

As the Spring of 2021 opens up I’ve noticed a few items during a round of golf that typically comes up missing. Not so much as misplaced or worse yet, stolen by your fellow golfers (though it can happen) but more so items that are seriously undervalued on the golf course. Even amateurs should carry these items to make for a better round.

There are articles and reviews on just about everything golf-related (drivers, irons, balls, tees, gloves, etc.), but I want to mention a few things that golfers need to have on the course. These things won’t make or break your game, and they are rarely discussed or perused over during your game.

So without further adieu, I want to highlight some of the best golf accessories to have with you before your next outing.

Best Golf Accessories to Have

  1. Golf Towel – Having a golf towel with you is handy for a variety of reasons. Sure, the most common reason to have one is to clean off your ball, but when you’re out golfing in the heat, it’s nice to wipe the sweat off your hands and head. I find that I use a golf towel to discern dirt from significant ball damage too. And that can impact your game. Generally, there is a towel hung to the ball cleaner at each hole, but it’s during the hole that you really need it. Many of times I see my buddies using their shirts or trying to find napkins in place of a good golf towel. Don’t be the person who is always having to borrow a towel, especially when they are so inexpensive.
  2. Divot Repair Tool – A divot repair tool is really a sign of respect for the game, your fellow golfers, and doing your fair share to keep the course looking good. The more hacks on the course damaging the greens, the less desirable the course is to play. And if the cost to keep the course increases, you can be sure the fees to play will increase as well. It’s best to just do your best to repair your divots and a divot repair tool is better than using a tee.
  3. Golf Ball Marker – I’m guilty of using a golf tee, a coin and a wide variety of other “golf ball markers,” but it’s time to get an actual marker. I realize the rules allow for coins but a marker that you can push down a bit so the putting green is flat is better. While I’m not going pro anytime soon, I kind of hate it when my ball rolls over a coin or hits a tee and disrupts the path. Just like the rest of these items a golf ball marker is inexpensive and using a real one will add a touch of respect. Constantly asking to borrow one can become a burden, so grab one for yourself.
  4. Golf Club Brush – I have a golf club brush attached to the outside of my bag, and without fail someone asks to use it. And I don’t mind, I really don’t, but it goes to show you how much they’re used. I can hack the turf as good as the next golfer and having a good golf club brush gets the surface dirt off my clubs and it gets the dirt out of the groves. Golf clubs are expensive and keeping them maintained and looking new is a wise investment. A towel may work in a pinch, but a brush is handy too.
  5. Golf Ball Retriever – I was hesitant to put this one on the list, because it doesn’t come up as often as the aforementioned items, but a golf ball retriever can easily be a great return on investment. Strangely enough, golf balls don’t always go straight down the fairway. As a matter of fact, if there’s water on the course, my golf balls can and will find it. Instead of donating your golf balls, and having to buy another box, a golf ball retriever will prevent you from going through so many balls.

The good thing about this list is, these items are very lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and are always used. It’s years of golf that has taught me that a round of golf can be played with just a few clubs and a few balls. But having all the right equipment can make it much more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up Golf Accessories to Have

Golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and a bag will get you through a round of golf. But being prepared for a full round of golf shows a bit of appreciation and respect for the game. As I mentioned, these items probably won’t make or break your round, but they will add to the enjoyment of the game. And your fellow golfers will thank you as they borrow them. That’s it, short and sweet!

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