Best Golf Bag For The Money

Golf bag sitting on golf course

Few things are more important to a golfer than a good golf bag. First off, golf bags come in many styles and a wide variety of colors. You can choose a bag for style, features, or pick a color to match your mood.

All golf bags have compartments where the golf clubs are to be placed. Each golfer has his or her own way of doing this and putting clubs where he or she wants them.

The truly apathetic golfers will just stick their clubs in the compartments randomly, grabbing them when the time comes. Some golf bags have individual tubes to protect the club grips. With the tubes, a golfer can get his or her clubs out easier. The clubs are never tangled up, and the grips last a lot longer.

Another feature to consider when selecting a golf bag is the side compartments and their size. Frankly, there’s no such thing as too many pockets in a golf bag.

There are usually a couple of full-length pockets for things like rain-jackets, an umbrella, towels, and beverages. Then, there is the pocket used for keeping the extra golf tees and possibly the divot tool. Some of the fancier bags have insulated pockets to keep your beverages cool, and plenty of accessory pockets, for easy access to scorecards and phones.

Finally, a pocket is needed for the golf balls themselves, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pocket to carry another dozen balls in, just in case.

Needless to say, golf bags are an essential part of the game.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best golf bags for the money on the market. Some golf bags are great for walking, some golf bags are great for pushcarts, and some can fit into both categories and beyond.

Best Golf Bags

Best Golf Bag for Walking

TaylorMade Stand Golf Bag 8.0 – this TaylorMade bag comes complete with stand and shoulder straps for easy carry and easy access. If you’re going to be walking the course, the last thing you want to do is bend over and grab your bag every time you’re hitting. A stand and shoulder strap is probably the two biggest features when looking at carrying your bag. Current users are loving the lightweight feature and say it’s great for juniors or first-time golfers.

TaylorMade Stand 8.0 Bag, Black/White/Red

Best Golf Bag for Push Carts

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag – The 14 Way divider system provides each club with a protective rubberized slot holding each grip away from the other. No rattles, no club damage, and knowing where every club sits in your bag, three features that every golfer with a pushcart will really appreciate. Plus, The Founders Club Deluxe Cart Bag incorporates every other feature you would expect from a top grade Cart Bag at a fantastic price. From reaching into the Ice Pocket for a super cold drink to quickly placing your phone, watch and other valuables into a fur-lined protective pocket, this bag delivers.

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top (Charcoal and Black)

Best Golf Bag for Juniors

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior – if it’s time to get the little ones involved, a durable, lightweight, and simple golf bag is appropriate. Designed specifically for junior golfers, this Precise X7 junior set applies proven technology to a pre-packaged set of clubs that are lightweight, forgiving, and easy to hit. The result: high-launching, longer-carrying, fun-inspiring shots for your young golfer. Yeah, this junior bag comes with a few clubs to really get them started. All for a very affordable cost. Great for kids ages 9-12 and heights of 4’4″ – 5’0.

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand & Left Hand! (Red Ages 6-8, Left Hand)

Best Golf Bag for Women

RJ Sports Paradise 9″ Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag – to be honest, besides the outer layer of this bag, I’m not completely sure what differentiates this bag from some of the other bags. It features essential storage in a lightweight design. A 9″ top features 14 full-length dividers to provide organization and protection for your clubs. An external putter tube keeps your flat stick handy and fits oversized grips. Seven pockets hold everything from apparel and shoes to drinks and accessories so you have everything you need to enjoy your round. At under 5.0 pounds, it is very lightweight.

RJ Sports Paradise 9" Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag, Polk A Dot, 9

Best Golf Travel Bag

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case W/Wheels – let’s face it. Life is short and there are thousands of courses that need to be played. For the most part, taking your clubs with you on vacation or a work trip is a great idea. Get in a day early or fly out the next morning and you’ve freed up some time to play a round. The Amazon Basics travel bag features compression straps to keep everything secure and durable wheels for easy transportation.

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case With Wheels - 50 x 13 x 15 Inches, Black

Golf Bag Features to Consider


A bare-bones empty bag could weigh just a couple of pounds. But once you add leg stands, insulated pockets, tubes, and up the material each feature can start to add up. Add all 14 clubs you can carry around and you might be looking at 40 pounds. This can be a load to carry for some. Consider if you’ll be walking, pushing or riding a majority of the time because it can influence what kind of bag will fit your needs.

Golf Bag Pockets

Some of the more deluxe bags will have some large compartments to carry all your stuff. If you’re pushing or riding, then this might not be a big deal. Make sure you know what kinds of accessories and equipment you’ll be bringing along and see if there is a pocket that holds it. Hanging your rangefinder on the outside of your bag exposed to the elements because you ran out of pocket space is less than ideal.

Cooler Pocket

This may seem like a minor feature but to me it is a big one. No matter, if it’s a cold adult beverage or water, keeping them cool in the summer, can be difficult. Most courses do provide coolers if you purchase beverages from them, but having a lined pocket for your own drinks is always a nice feature to have too.

Conclusion of Best Golf Bag

There are a ton of different golf bags available on the market. I could easily add 10-20 more golf bags to this golf bag review, but at a certain point, a lot of the features become repetitive, and it’s just the name on the side of the bag that is different. The aforementioned bags should provide you with a variety of options to choose from depending on what you’re looking to get out of a golf bag.

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