Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Man with sweaty hands holding a golf club

If you have sweaty hands and are needed to hold something, naturally you will have to tighten your grip and that goes for the golf club too. Well, this is one of the biggest sins that you can commit on the golf course because if you grip the club too tight then you are going to end up with thin and weak shots that slice.

Besides sweaty hands will cast a gloomy cloud on your confidence, and once you become tensed then success becomes a pipe dream.

Golf players, therefore, know the benefits of lighter grips, for one the pressure enhances a wrist hinge, which will transmit power to the swing. Light pressure will also increase the amount of clubface rotation giving you an upper hand in squaring the club at impact.

Additionally, a tight grip (how to hold a golf club) on the golf club will result in tension in your forearms, and shoulders that will consequently restrict your swing arc. So, as a rule of thumb, you will have to ensure that your grip pressure is firm but not tight and your shoulder needs to be relaxed before you take the swing (How to Swing A Golf Club Faster).

Achieving the above is not exactly a walk in the park if you have sweaty hands, worry not though because we sampled the best golf grips that can be used by people who have sweaty hands.

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands  

NameGrip made ofCheck Price Here
Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompoundRubberCheck Price Here
SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 Putter GripCross traction surface textureCheck Price Here
Champkey MCS Golf Grips Set of 13Features soft micro-texture complete with cotton thread technologyCheck Price Here
Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf GripConstructed with the innovative WinnDry polymer materialCheck Price Here
PURE Grips Standard DTX BlackFeatures seamless molding and rubber technologyCheck Price Here
Lamkin UTX Grips  Made with the Tri-layer technology that incorporates three unique materialsCheck Price Here
Golf Pride 2G Tour WRAP Standard White Golf GripLuxury leather + high tack rubberCheck Price Here
Karma V-Cord  The corded upper half and soft rubber in the lower halfCheck Price Here
Winn Dritac Ladies Golf Grips Dritac  Rubber, winndry polymer materialCheck Price Here
New Ping ID-8 White Standard Golf Grip ID8Designed with multiple texturesCheck Price Here

Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound

Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound (MCC) Black Golf Grips

Most golf grips are made of rubber material which offers a firm and an adhesive like feel, the golf pride decade multi-compound grip has, therefore, incorporated a combination of rubber and the black velvet cord. This type of grip will accommodate both your top and bottom hand leading to a successful performance.

A grip on the rubber while in the golf course offers comfort, because of the responsive nature of the material, which complements the lower hand.


  • Responsive on the hands
  • Provides a tight grip
  • Accommodates both the top and bottom hand


  • Come in standard size
  • The grip narrows at the butt end and would, therefore, slide


The Golf pride MCC new decade multi-compound grip can be a good companion for individuals who sweat a lot on their hands. The rubber detail incorporated offers firm support thus can boost your confidence when initiating the golfers swing arc.

SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 Putter Grip

Super Stroke Flatso 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-Slip, 10.50" L X 1.40" W, USGA Approved, White/Black

The super Stroke Flatso is made from a tacky polyurethane outer layer, well the individual properties of a polyurethane are that it offers good performance as regards tensile strength, impact, and abrasion resistance, the material also offers good compression and tear strength.

Now given the good properties of polyurethane in combination with its tacky nature then golfers with sweater hands don’t have to worry about achieving the perfect bunker shot. The grip is also non-slip and this is because of the cross traction surface texture that will ensure the grip remains in your hands even when the temperatures become a little extreme.

Additionally, the grip has incorporated the Eva foam in its manufacture, which then makes it lightweight giving golfers the maximum feel.


  • Offers a superior grip
  • The Grip is light in weight thus easy to make the full swings
  • It is a tour-proven grip endorsed by a famous player


  • Heavily embossed ridge can be distracting at first
  • Limited colors


The superstroke Flatso 3.0 putter grip is indeed a game-changer in the golf industry, thanks to the non-slip cross traction surface texture that ensures players enjoy a good grip even when playing with sweaty hands. The outer layer of the grip features the tacky polyurethane which is not only resistant to tear and compression but encourages a firm grip.

Champkey MCS Golf Grips Set of 13

Champkey MCS Golf Grips Set of 13 (5 Oz Solvent,Blade,15 Tapes & Vise Clamp Available)-Choose Between 13 Grips & All Repair Kits and 13 Grips & 15 Tapes (Black/Black(Repair Kits Included), Midsize)

The Champkey MCS golf grip comes highly recommended for individuals with sweaty hands because of the incorporated brushed cotton thread technology.

The unique brushed cotton cord fuses the moisture-wicking cotton fibers to a new soft rubber material, which then gives golfers added stability and grip even with the extreme temperatures that will encourage sweating.

The grip has also incorporated the wrap technology, that utilizes two kinds of rubber materials that helps build extra wraps in the lower handgrips, which consequently provides lighter grip pressure thus encourages less tension on the hands allowing more power when a golfer initiates a swing.


  • Offers a good grip at a fair price
  • Has incorporated two kinds of rubber material that help build extra wraps in the lower hand
  • The grips are backed by 100% money-back guarantee


  • For some, the rubber is a bit hard and harsh on the hands
  • The black dye runs when in contact with mineral spirits


Well, we must give the champkey MCS golf grips credit as it has incorporated the latest technology meant to enhance performance in the golf course. One notable is the brushed cotton technology, which ensures that golfers enjoy added stability and a good grip in any condition.

Winn Set of 9 or 13 DRITAC AVS Standard Black/RED Golf Grip

RED Golf Grip

The performance of a grip is all about the incorporated technology and for the Winn set red golf grip, it has been equipped with a scientifically engineered tread pattern meant to optimize playability in all types of weather conditions. The soft but rather sturdy design furnishes the grip with superior responsiveness.

Construction of the golf grip features an innovative WinnDry polymer material the Dri-Tac grips, which provide a non-slip grip, which gives golfers full control of the club.


  • Incorporated a comfortable cushion feel
  • Has exceptional shock absorption qualities
  • Provides a non-slip performance in all weather conditions


  • Doesn’t last long


If players can attest to the good performance of these grips in wet weather then it sure is the best to use with the sweaty hands.

PURE Grips Standard DTX Black

PURE Grips Standard DTX Black 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle

The seamless molding and rubber technology of the pure DTX grip can only provide golfers with sweaty hands a top-notch grip, besides the combination of the rough and tacky texture will offer golfers with sweaty hands a loose but firm grip.


  • The grip is tacky complete with light perforations
  • Has a firm feel
  • The golf grip is light in weight


The one advantage of using the pure grip standard DTX is that it features a combination of both a rough and tacky texture thus offering golfers with sweaty hands a great grip. Additionally, the incorporated seamless molding and rubber technology offer a top-notch grip in addition to comfort.

Lamkin Golf Club Grip

Lamkin UTx Standard Cord Golf Club Grip (Black)

The Lamkin golf club features the Tri-layer innovative technology and has, therefore, blended three unique materials to achieve the perfect grip. So for the foundation, the golf grip features the vibration dampening foundation that provides optimal response. The second layer is made of a moisture-wicking fabric weave that offers enhanced grip traction.

Then on the outside, there is a firmer outer layer, which offers reduced torque complete with a tighter shot dispersion. The three layers can, therefore, contend with any weather, while keeping golfers in control and consequently help them achieve accuracy when putting.


  • It is an all-weather performance golf grip
  • The moisture-wicking mid-layer fabric offers enhanced grip traction
  • The incorporated vibration dampening layer offers players the preferred response


  • The grips scuffs easily


The Lamkin UTX standard golf club is an all-weather golf grip meaning that it will offer good performance during the summer with all the heat that encourages too much perspiration on the hands. The grip features the tri-layer technology, which wicks moisture to help increase grip tractions making the grip a perfect fit for golfers with sweaty hands.

Golf Pride 2G Tour WRAP Standard White Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Standard White Golf Grips

The tour wrap 2G offers golfers a softer and tackier grip that grips well on the hands, the golf grips come in different sizes and each of them also have varied weights with the core size ranging between 58 and 60.

The construction material for the golf grip features a high tack rubber compound complete with a wrap design that looks and feels like leather but with the performance and durability of soft rubber.


  • The enhanced tackiness offers a tight grip
  • Has a soft feel on the hands
  • Offers a good grip in wet weather


The Golf Wrap 2G tour is made from leather which then means that apart from offering high performance it will serve you for a long time.

The grip offers players with sweaty hands a firm grip which translates to ultimate feedback at impact with the ball. Additionally, if you are to engage the wet weather, the golf wrap will service you well because of the integrated tacky rubber.

Karma V-Cord

Karma V-Cord Black/Blue Standard Golf Grips

The karma V-Cord is an all-weather golf grip and will, therefore, complement all woods, wedges, and irons. The upper part has been corded to offer golf players with sweaty hands extra traction complete with superior control. Also, the integrated soft rubber on the lower half of the golf grip does not only offer a tacky feel but makes the golf grip comfortable to use.

The construction of the Karma V-Cord offers superior control in the wet and humid conditions meaning that it is a welcome option for individuals with sweaty hands.


  • Comes in multiple colors, black, blue and red
  • The corded upper half offers traction
  • The soft lower rubber enhances comfort


  • Cord in the upper part doesn’t offer much in terms of performance


The Karma V-Cord golf grip performs well in wet and humid environments thus making it a good choice for golfers with sweaty hands.

Winn Dritac Ladies Golf Grips Dritac

Winn DriTac Standard Midsize Grip (+1/16), Dark Gray

The Dritac golf grip has been designed to remain tacky in both the dry and wet weather conditions. The upper grip features a cushioned and comfortable feel giving ladies the chance to achieve the perfect swing. And the reason as to why we chose this golf grip for ladies with sweaty hands is because it has incorporated the polymer grip technology.

The latter has been determined to outperform the traditional golfing handles.


  • The golf grip is slip-resistant in all the weather conditions
  • Made of rubber that offers a firm grip
  • The grip is pretty easy to install


  • Not convenient for the long term
  • Problem with sizes


Dri Tac golf grip manufacturers are the pioneers of the polymer grips technology, the above then means that users who want to invest in their products can expect the grips to suffice in all the weather conditions.

NEW Ping ID-8 White Standard Golf Grip ID8

NEW Ping ID-8 White Standard Golf Grip ID8

The New Ping ID-8 has a new responsive feel on the hands and features a sizing ID to help with replacement and achieving a proper fit.


  • Comes with an easy to use sizing ID
  • The different incorporated textures offer a responsive feel


  • Does not offer the tacky firm grip feel


The New ping ID is the perfect golf grip if you are working with a tight budget

Tips on keeping your hands dry in the golf course

Invest in the sweatbands

Well, this might not be a very welcome option for everyone, so you might want to first try it out before completely settling with them. The advantage of wearing them is that they help stop sweat from dripping down to your hands.

Carry enough towels

Why would anyone carry one towel to the golf course even if it is the cold season the pressure to perform will have you perspirate faster than normal, and remember the towel is not for your face and hands only, you will need to carry towels for your club, another one for your grip.

And just so you stay cooler for longer you can carry an extra towel and place it around your neck to keep your body cool.

Ensure to keep a towel close that you can use to wipe your hands before, you take a swipe.

Wear cool clothing

Your clothes should be breathable, not too tight to restrict movement, or make you feel uncomfortable, and they should not attract and retain moisture.

You can also carry a cold drink with you especially during summer, you can also invest in the small portable fan, find a good cap that reflects the sun’s rays, and if the heat becomes too much to bear, you can rub some ice on your veins.

Use powder on your hands

You can always use the Rosin bag but if you are tight on the budget then just get the Johnsons baby powder and spread some considerable amount on your hands and watch how it sucks all the sweat off your hands.

As you go shopping for a golf grip ensure that you know your size, there are, therefore, four elementary sizes and this are the undersized, the midsize, undersize, and oversize. An incorrectly fitting grip will likely cost you about three to four strokes on the rounds played.

And If you are suffering from Arthritis you should get a recommendation for the best grips, most of the time however the oversized grips can suffice.

And for the individuals with sweaty hands, a corded grip will have you play golf comfortably without necessarily having to use gloves.


Golf clubs (How to Choose Golf Clubs for Beginners) should be re-gripped the moment they start to wear out or feel slippery. The above-discussed golf grips are the best there is in the market through the list is not conclusive. You will, therefore, find one that suits your budget and can be used in all weather conditions especially with wet weather. Most of the golf grips have incorporated unique technology that makes them usable by people who have sweaty hands.

And if your sweaty hands are getting in the way of your game, just employ one of the methods above to keep your body cool, and your hands dry as you pitch.

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