Best Heated Vest For Golf – Guide And Reviews

Best Heated Golf Vest

If you’re like me a little inclement weather isn’t enough for me to grab my golf clubs and head home. Golf is an addicting sport and I’m willing to play in the drizzle (Best Golf Umbrellas), wind, heat, and cold to play. But there are golf accessories that can make these little annoyances much more tolerable, and one of those accessories is a heated golf vest.

The best heated golf vest will ultra-thin and will have zero arm or torso restriction when going through your golf swing, all while providing warmth to your body to make your golf outing much more enjoyable.

Winter comes every year, and whether we like it or not, we have to endure some bitter cold. But having a heated golf vest in your arsenal is a great way to lift your spirits while playing a round of golf.

Whether you’re golfing early in the morning during the shoulder season, or you just live in a zone that doesn’t provide ideal heat, a heated golf vest can mean the difference between a comfortable outing, or an unpleasant experience.

For those of us looking to face winter with a bit more defiance, the realm of heated garments has us covered.

In this article, we’ll focus on heated vests. There’s a lot of great options out there, and we’ve narrowed them down to 5 picks that are sure to help you make a few more pars vs bogeys.

Best Heated Golf Vests


1) Prosmart Heated Vest – The PROSmart heated vest is a convenient, fast-acting golf vest that provides a remarkable sense of warmth quite quickly and can have you feeling warm by the end of the first hole. The three temperature settings allow you to amp up the heat during the winter golf sessions and crank it back down during the shoulder season golf outings. The cell phone pocket is just another reason this Porsmart is one of the best golf heated vests on the market.

PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece Lightweight Waistcoat with USB Battery Pack(Unisex,Black) (Black, L)

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides up to 10 hours of warmth.
  • Dual carbon fiber heating elements providing total coverage
  • Machine washable so no hand washing

2) Ororo Lightweight Vest – This puffy, padded, lightweight heated vest is your new go-to for your next golf outing, tailgating, and taking walks with your dog! This water and the wind-resistant piece is a step up from the norm. New design and more fillings. The easy-to-reach button allows you to toggle between three different heat settings, giving you just the right amount of heat.

ORORO Men's Lightweight Heated Vest with Battery Pack (X-Large)

Features and Benefits:

  • 7.4-volt battery allows up to 10 hours of use on a full charge
  • Carbon fiber heating elements are strategically placed to provide total warmth
  • Machine washable so no hand washing

Topdot Heated Vest (Editor’s Choice)

3) Topdot Heated Vest – when it comes to total coverage and adjustability this Topdot heated vest won’t let you down. With 8 heating elements, not a single portion of your torso will be left unheated. This water-resistant and windproof heated vest is great for golf or any outside activity. The 3 different heat settings allow for the perfect temperature. This Topdot vest is one of the best-heated vests for golf available on the market.

Features and Benefits:

  • 8 heated panels for total coverage
  • Elastic cords to reduce bulkiness
  • 5 different heating settings
  • Water resistant and windproof

Loowoko Vest

4) Loowoko Lightweight Heated Vest  – If you’re on a budget this heated vest might be for you. With three different heat settings lasting up to 8 hours, you could do two full rounds and stay warm. What I really like is the elastic sides that allow for maneuverability. A heated vest that adapts to your movements, especially during your swing will feel less restricted while providing warmth. Not as many bells and whistles as some of the others, but will get the job done.

Loowoko Lightweight Men Heated Vest with 10000mAh Battery Pack Rechargeable Heated Jacket for Skiing Fishing Hunting

Features and Benefits:

  • Water resistant outer shell
  • Elastic contraction zone on the sides
  • 3 temperature zones from 100-130 degrees

Venustats Vest

5) Venustas Men’s Heated Vest – While this is labeled as a hunting vest, I found that this also doubles as a great golf vest for one very specific reason, and that is the heated collar. This vest makes the list because a heated collar can provide an extra feeling of warmth that the other vest doesn’t have. The larger heating panels combined with the 11 hour heating time are perfect for a full day of golf.

Venustas Men's Heated Vest with Battery Pack 7.4V, Heated hunting vest

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides heat for up to 11 hours
  • Machine washable
  • Water resistant nylon fabric

Now let’s take a look at what features might be important to you, so you can make an informed decision about heated vest for golf.

Buying Guide for Golf Heated Vest


When you’re out golfing, you’ll be moving your upper body a lot throughout your golf swing. Therefore you’ll need a heated vest that won’t restrict your movement. Since these are all vest, they should be conducive to just about any swing, but a heated vest with either adjustable armholes or flexibility will ensure that while during your swing the vest won’t be moving around causing any distraction or limiting movement.

Warmth of Heated Vest

Now for the more practical function of these vests. The amount of warmth you’ll need will depend on your climate and how cold the weather is while you’re out golfing. I’ve done a bit of golfing in Arizona so I only needed a minimal amount of extra heat to make the round comfortable and enjoyable.

However, if you’re playing early morning or during the winter, you’ll want a heated vest that can put out some heat. The amount of heat and levels of heat in these heated vests can differ a bit, so select one that is conducive to where you live.

Heating Elements

These heated vest have different numbers of heating elements. If you naturally run a bit hot, then you might need to pay for all the extra heating elements some of these vests provide.

On the flip side, if you’re constantly a bit cold, then large or more heating elements will provide the warmth you need to enjoy your round of golf.

Battery Life

All of the above vests can provide a lengthy amount of heat, but be aware these lengths are assuming a low setting. The amount of charge time will be different for each too. If you’re golfing in the morning, then charging your battery the night before will be your best bet.

If you’re an afternoon golfer, you might be able to charge your battery in the morning, if it can charge fast enough. The amount of charge time and how long the battery lasts should fit your golfing schedule. There’s no use in having a heated vest if your battery is charged. Consider this when selecting a golf heated vest.


The number of pockets in my heated vest isn’t a big factor for me, because I always keep my ball, tee, and marker in my pants pocket. Everything else I keep in my bag. But my friends tend to keep their cell phones and extra balls on them, like the extra pockets a heated vest can provide.

Most of these heated vests provide dual pockets but if you’re one to keep your phone on you or carry more items, a chest pocket or back pocket might be of interest.

Wrapping up Heated Vest For Golf

Winter golfing or shoulder season golfing can be a little uncomfortable but a golfing heated vest will make it feel like a warm summer day. There are a lot of options to choose from, so consider you’re climate and needs and make a decision that is best for you.

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FAQ on Heated Vest for Golf

Are heated vests safe?

Yes, heated vests are safe. Consumer protection is at the forefront of manufacturers. Anything less than safe will put manufacturers out of business, so these products are tested to ensure safety.

How hot do heated vests get?

The heating elements typically have 3 settings for heat. The high settings have will use up the most battery, but will put out a high level of heat.

Are heated vests safe to use in a washing machine?

Most high quality heated vests are good for up to 50 washes. Use a gentle wash and hang dry.

Are heated vest expensive?

The range of heated golf vest is pretty wide. Some come with a battery pack, while other manufactures don’t include the battery pack. The heated vest with a battery pack will cost more than the vest without the battery pack.

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