5 Best Indoor Putting Greens for Practicing at Home

Golf ball on indoor putting green

The best indoor putting green can allow you to knock off several strokes from your score. Imagine breaking 90 or even 80 for the first time, all because you had zero three-putts.

Did you know that the average golfer will usually take over 30 strokes while on the green?

And that’s on the low end. If you think about it, how often do you only need to use a putter just once on a hole? If you’re anything like me, I wish I was only using my putter once per hole. But in reality, it’s closer to an average of two putts per hole.

And if it’s a bad day, I might be three-putting some. But I like to blame that on the aiming juice.

In this post, I’ll share with you the best indoor putting greens you can practice on at home. I’ll explain their features and how they can benefit you, and help you get closer to even.

Anyway, depending on how well you shoot, this can be a significant portion of your score. It’s no secret that the putter is the most widely used club in your bag.

Working on your putting at home is something we all should be doing on a regular basis if our goal is to stay as close to even as possible.

You’ve probably heard that practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice (6 Best Putting Drills) makes perfect. When it comes time to drain that par putt from 6 feet away or farther, are you confident you can make it?

The best at-home practice putting green isn’t always the living room carpet or the hard-wood floor. While it can help with seeing how the ball comes off the putter, these kinds of surfaces won’t do much for speed, which is half of putting.

You can always tell the difference between a pro and an everyday golfer by their speed. For example, most pro’s can put the ball within a few feet on a long putt. The average golfer can sometimes still be several feet away. And if your second putt is still 5+ feet away, it’s not a sure thing.

And this is how you end up 3-putting. It breaks your heart every time, but you can practice at home with putting greens to reduce the number of putts.

Best Indoor Putting Greens

Sklz Putting Green (Editor’s Choice)

1) SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return – The Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green features a patent-pending ball return for easy putt repetition to improve your game, get more consistency in less time. The continuous ball return allows you to train without interruption. And because you can keep putting without resetting, you can focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, making your training more efficient and effective.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return, 9 feet x 16.25 inches

Features and Benefits

  • Alignment and distance control – This putting green features alignment guides at three key putting distances to promote consistency in every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, backswing, and follow-through. The result is improved accuracy and greater control on every putt. This alone will lower your score.
  • Automatic ball return – The continuous ball return allows you to train without interruption. And because you can keep putting without re-setting, you can focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, making your training more efficient and effective.
  • Upslope at the cup – the ball will never fall in the cup if it never gets to the cup. The upslope on this practice green ensures that you’re using good follow through and getting the ball to the cup.

Putt-A-Bout (Budget Friendly)

2) Putt-A-Bout – Hone your putting skills with this fun 3-by-9-foot putting green. The kidney-shaped green’s three cups give you plenty of practice targets, while the built-in sand traps are designed to catch missed shots. The green also offers a high-quality putting surface designed to stay smooth over time.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in sand traps – to mimic the real golf course, this putt-a-bout has built-in sand traps to ensure your speed and aim are on spot. Rarely do you come across a green without some hazards lurking around. This one makes you earn your putt.
  • Three practice cups – this is one of the few practice greens that allows you to aim at three different cups, all on the same practice green. Not all putts are the same, and this indoor practice green lets you round out your putting skills, by offering three different targets.
  • Smooth putting surface – this feature is two-fold in that it rolls up for easy storage, which makes it great. And the top shelf material stays flat every time you roll it out, so no bumps or irregular surfaces to deal with. Rest assured, the surface is like the real thing.

Boburn Putting Green

3) BOBURN Golf Putting Green – if you’re going for the look and feel of a regular green, the indoor putting mat by Boburn might be your pick. This high-quality putting green is a great addition to the avid golfer’s repertoire.

BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat- Professional Golf Practice Mat- Green Long Challenging Putter for Indoor/Outdoor (5x10ft Green)

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Sizes – Boburn produces this mat in several different sizes, all so you can find an appropriate place to put it in your home or garage. If this practice green is calling your name, they have a size to fit your place.
  • Stylish and realistic – this premium practice green gives you real putting green feel and looks. Current users are saying this is a great addition to the man-cave or hobby room.
  • High durability – The putting green is well-constructed made with high-adhesive glue to hold the grass and rubber bottom together. Can be used for 5-8 years with proper care.

VariSpeed Indoor Putting Green (Runner up)

4) VariSpeed Putting System – This practice green offers the most unique and versatile home putting experience. With the ability to adjust the speed of your putt and create custom breaks, it’s like having several putting mats in one easy to use package. The VariSpeed Putting System is perfect for honing your skills and entertaining guests.

VariSpeed Putting System - Practice 4 Different Speeds On One Mat!

Features and Benefits

  • Added breaks – if all the green were flat, we wouldn’t have to worry about reading breaks. The Verispeed system allows you to move and adjust breaks so you can practice for what’s needed on the real course.
  • Ball tracking – none of the other putting greens features a ball tracking mechanism. Your ball creates a visible trace that allows you to carefully analyze the path of every putt to perfect your technique. The ball traces are quickly erased using the mat brush.
  • Choose your speed – The unique fibers allow you to adjust the speed of the green in seconds. Choose from 4 different speeds by simply brushing the mat in either direction with the supplied roller brush. If you’ve ever played on wet grass and dry grass you know there’s a difference, and this system helps you practice that difference.

PuttOut Putt Trainer

5) PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer – this is one of the more unique putting practice devices, and I was hesitant to include it in my list. However, the Puttout does an incredible job of getting your speed just right. And as I mentioned earlier, speed is so important.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting (Green)

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic ball return – with is parabolic design, it returns good a missed putts. More time to focus on your stroke.
  • Folds down – this unique putting practice is already pretty small, but it folds down even smaller, making it great of travel and on the go. Now you can practice anywhere.
  • Multiple colors – the unique putting device is available in multiple colors.

Indoor Practice Green Features to Look For

There are a few features that consumers are looking for when it comes to getting a practice green for your home.

Ball Return

Having an automatic ball return is convenient and can really help you practice more strokes without having to chase your ball every putt. The auto ball return can help you train your rhythm and technique, without havving to break from your practice.


Some of these practice greens can be pretty big, and not everyone has the room to leave them sitting out. This means you’ll be rolling them up and storing them out of the way. Make sure they are made of high quality to ensure this much use.

Putting Features

All of the aforementioned practice putting greens have features that help mimic the real golf course. Whether it be features to help with your aim or your speed, the above items are designed to help you lower the number of times you use your putter while playing a round. See which features fit your needs.


You’ll notice the price range on these can vary quite a bit. The budget always comes into play. No need to pay for features that you don’t need or want. Evaluate what you want and match it up with a practice green that fits your needs and budget. Enough said.

Conclusion of Best Indoor Putting Greens for Practice

One of the best things about using indoor putting greens is the games you can play with your friends. Golfing is about having a good time with your buddies (while beating them), and there’s no need to reserve that fun to just the golf course. Break out your putter (Best Putter for Bad Putters), have some fun, and get better, so you can reach that number you’re itching to get to.

FAQ of Indoor Practice Greens

What is the best indoor putting green?

The best indoor practice green you can use at home is one that will allow you to practice using speed correctly as well as alignment.

Do indoor putting greens help on the course?

Just the number of putting greens available on the market alone tells you consumers are buying them for good reason. Yes, they can and will help your putting game.

How much does an indoor practice green cost?

The aforementioned greens can be as low as $30 all the way up to hundreds of dollars The difference will depend on what you want out of your practice green.

How do I learn to putt better?

Ideally, if you can manage to get out on the course and play regularly, this will yield the best results. Short of that, an indoor putting green that allows you to work on your speed and aim is a close second.

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