Callaway Edge vs Big Bertha

Callawy Golf Club on golf course

Callaway is a huge brand when it comes to golf clubs, and two of their models stand out from the rest and at the top of the market. We are talking about Callaway Edge and Big Bertha.

These two golf clubs are top-rated on the market today, and they are beloved by top golfers because of their maximum forgiveness and the superior level of game improvement.

Regardless of the frequency of your golfing, either of these two clubs will work well for you, and you won’t have to worry about having to sacrifice your accuracy and distance because of mishits.

They are both designed to improve your performance, increase accuracy, and make you the next big thing, thanks to their unique designs with game-changing technologies, especially for the average and the recreational golfers.

Both golf clubs are also designed as high-quality golf clubs, and you can look forward to clubs that offer consistency and value for your money.

To help you determine which of these two models of golf clubs by Callaway you should choose, we’ll look at the features of each model to help you make a smarter choice.

Callaway Edge

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed, 10525 cm

Callaway Edge golf club is regarded as one of the best golf clubs in terms of the technological features incorporated into its design and the fact that its design features are the reason for its low but deeper CG hence an increased consistency in the distance and improved accuracy. The golf club also features perimeter weighting, which means a higher MOI and a greater level of forgiveness for the off-center hits.

But that is not all; this golf club boasts some of the best technological features, which also make this golf club an ideal choice for beginners.


The club has a high MOI design, which gives the golf club a higher level of forgiveness, and this means that the club boasts an incredible level of playability. The clubs under the Edge iron fleet have the highest MOI, hence the highest level of playability, ease of use, and a high level of forgiveness.

The golf club also features a hollow iron design. What this means is that the club boasts a very low CG (center of gravity), an increased level of forgiveness, and the best bit is that it boasts launch angles that offer an absolute level of certainty. They are easy to use, and they feel great in your hands.

Callaway Edge vs Big Bertha

Under the Callaway Edge Fleet, there is also the Callaway Edge Combo, which is a set of excellent golf clubs by Callaway, all designed for top performance. The combo is also an ideal fit for anyone working on improving their game. How?

The Callaway Edge Combo is made of Callaway’s hybrid high-launch design created through the optimization of the CG’s location, hence the production of the easiest hybrid golf clubs in the entire Callaway setup. These clubs have a hollow design, a very low CG, and an improved launch edge angle, as well as forgiveness. Thanks to these features, you have clubs that offer not only easy hits, but also forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. So, if you need to improve your game, these clubs will make that possible.


  • It feels great
  • Excellent elevation
  • Good consistency
  • Great for beginners
  • Very forgiving
  • It boasts a high-quality build
  • Great launch
  • Great feel overall
  • Great control and loft
  • Good weight balance


  • It’s heavy
  • A little pricey
  • Only fitting for beginners and amateurs

Callaway Big Bertha

Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set, 6IR - PW, Right Hand, Steel, Regular

These graphite golf clubs often come with a hefty price tag, but the truth is that Callaway big Bertha only plays in the bigger boys club, and the clubs are regarded as the max game improvement clubs/ irons.

The Callaway Big Bertha irons are some of the easiest irons to launch distance, and this function is made possible by the fact that the irons are made with Callaway’s groundbreaking Suspended Energy Core. This fleet is great at super-game improvement (Best Golf Swing Trainers for Beginners).

Some of the top features of the Big Bertha range of irons include the Suspended Energy Core as the iron’s engine. This energy core fuels the iron’s easy launch, great sound, and feel, plus the distance of the iron.

How? Well, this revolutionary technology applied in the iron’s construction involves the suspension of the MM’d Tungsten weight by use of Callaway’s proprietary urethane microspheres. Thanks to this construction, the iron is able to deliver long, consistent distances, easy launches, as well as that nice feel and sound.

Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set, 6IR - PW, Right Hand, Steel, Regular

Then there is the 360 Face Cup that enhances the iron’s long and consistent distances. This feature has a very flexible rim running around the club’s face. When this face cup’s flexible rim flexes and is released at impact, it results in increased ball speed (How to Swing A Golf Club Faster).

Working along with the high-launch angles that result from its suspended energy core, you will have one of the thinnest face cups designed for longer distances because of the increased ball speed. Internal Standing Wave is the reason for the impressive ball speeds and high launches.

Callaway’s Big Bertha range of golf clubs also boasts a premium design and an unforgettable look that results from the clean and smoked PVD finishes. It’s also available in different shafts, including the Recoil ZT9, Recoil ESX, as well as the KBS Max 90.


  • It boasts a very high ball speed
  • Great distance
  • Advanced design and technological features
  • It’s relatively durable
  • Good for game improvement
  • High level of accuracy
  • Great forgiveness and a high launch
  • Face cup is very flexible, hence the astonishing distance off-center
  • The long irons increase confidence and accuracy levels while reducing any excesses in turf interactions.


  • Its finish looks and feels cheap
  • Expensive


Callaway is a big brand that boasts some of the best golf clubs on the market, and Edge and Big Bertha are two of the brand’s models you could opt for. While Edge is ideal for beginners who need more distance and overall game improvement because the line of clubs is very forgiving.

However, Big Bertha is more of an ideal golf club for individuals in the big boys club, and if you are working on improving your high handicap, then the Big Bertha clubs would go a long way in making that possible.

It’s also ideal for experienced or intermediate golfers. Now, while both models will cost you a lot more than you’d spend on a clone, Callaway golf clubs are effective in improving your game, and they are long-lasting.

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Are Big Bertha irons forgiving?

The Easy Launch technology unique to the Big Bertha irons provides a complete sized sweet spot. The thinner, faster Face Cup construction makes it extremely easy to hit.

Are Callaway Big Bertha irons for beginners?

The Callaway line is kind of progressively built. The Edge irons are commonly associated with beginners, while the Big Bertha irons are more for mid-handicappers or better.

Are Callaway clubs expensive?

Callaway puts out a variety of lines, each with a different price point for different levels of golfers. Callaway is known for their highest quality, and the top end lines will reflect that highest quality.

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