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I love golfing, but I don’t live on a golf course.

No matter if I’m playing a round or just hitting the driving range, I’ve always enjoyed the sport. Both for it’s skill set requirements and it’s mental fortitude requirements.

Unfortunately, the time involved getting to the golf course eats up my precious time. Even if I’m going just to hit balls.

A golf net is something you can set up in minutes, if not just keep it set up. This way hitting a few balls or getting some practice swings in, is something I can do whenever I have some spare time.

Another advantage of having an at-home golf net is just trying out new techniques. If I’m watching a match on tv and they’re talking about a swing technique or if I’m watching a tutorial, I can test it out immediately. No waiting to drive to the range.

You just never know when you’ll come across something that you can implement immediately to see results.

A golf practice net could shave strokes off your score quickly, because of the quick access combined with more practice.

Before getting an outdoor or indoor practice net, there are a few features you’ll want to keep in mind.

Also, I tried to keep this review short. There’s isn’t a lot that goes into a practice net, and a lot of the features and benefits are self-explanatory. I don’t want to waste your time by mentioning items that are intuitive.

I hope you appreciate the conciseness!

Features of Golf Practice Net


The size of the practice net is probably the most important. In order to prevent shanking a ball into your neighbor’s kitchen window, you’ll want to get a net that matches your game. The size of your golf practice net will also be determined by where you plan on putting it.

Will it be in your basement, backyard, garage, or elsewhere. Also, will you be moving it around? Maybe during the summer, you would like to set it up outside where you can feel the sun on your face, and in the winter it’s back inside.

So, you’ll want to consider where it will be year-round and make a choice where the size will fit each placement.

Netting Durability

A golf net is pretty useless if it can’t prevent the golf ball from going through. It’s no secret that we all have different swing speeds and power. If you’re crushing balls on a consistent basis, you need to make sure the netting is strong and durable.

The alternative could mean something is getting broke. A practice net, that won’t’ rip, sag, fold-over on itself, and brave the elements is something you need to consider. Some nets are designed to return the ball too, so netting is definitely a common top feature.


Imagine using your practice net only to find out that’s it’s consistently shifting or maybe even falling over. There are a variety of frames available. If you’re doing more chipping practice than maybe you can get a more affordable model. Others are designed to handle any club you have in your bag, drivers included.

Some practice nets are capable of being anchored into the ground to prevent movement. Others are anchorless, and the frame is sufficed. Again consider where it will be placed and the type of anchoring you want in your golf practice net.

Best Practice Nets for Golf


1) Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net – this net is lightweight so it can be set up and moved around with ease. It has the rollback design, meaning, less back and forth getting your balls. The 10’x7′ span makes it great for both indoor and outdoor usage. Finally, it has a lifetime warranty, meaning you can depend on this golf practice net for years to come.

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids | by SEC Coach Chris Haack


2) SteadyDoggie Net and Mat – what I like about the SteadyDoggie is the complete package. It comes with a mat and an easy carrying case. The 10’x7′ net is capable of catching some mis-hits! The 5-ply woven mesh is strong and durable. The target can be moved around making chipping practice more practical. Customers love that the frame is lightweight and easily assembled, making great for kids to use as well.

Golf Net Bundle 4pc - Comprising of Professional Patent Pending Golf Net, Dual-Turf Golf Mat, Chipping Target & Carry Bag - The Right Choice of Golf Nets for Backyard Driving & Golf Hitting Nets

Lateefah (Editor’s Choice)

3) Lateefah Golf Net Golf Hitting Net – Lateefa has put together a nice little package with this practice net. They provide indoor balls, mat, tee, and a brush. If the technique is what you’re looking to improve, this one may be suited best for you. Also, comes with stakes to help anchor to the ground, providing a secure practice net.

Lateefah Golf Net Golf Hitting Nets for Backyard Driving Golf Simulators, Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aids Golf Practice Net for Home, Testing Range, Swing and Clubs Improving

Galileo (Runner-up)

4) GALILEO Golf Practice Net – if affordability is one of your biggest concerns, then this one might be the basic option you need. The Galileo gets the job done without the bells and whistles. It’s practical, easy to assemble, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Galileo provides 60-days return&refund and lifetime replacement parts.

GALILEO Golf Practice Net 7x7Feet Golf Hitting Nets Driving Range Indoor Outdoor Golf Training Aids with Target Carry Bag

Nova (Budget Friendly)

5) Nova Microdermabrasion Practice Net – The Nova net s made of durable reinforced nylon net that will withstand the force from driving. It’s Unique tilt angle design automatically returns the ball to the user, save the trouble of picking up the ball. It’s lightweight and portable, comes with a carrying bag, gives you the freedom to practice anywhere, anytime.

Nova Microdermabrasion Large 10x7ft Portable Golf Net Hitting Net Practice Driving Indoor Outdoor w/Carry Bag

Conclusion of Golf Practice Nets

Sometimes getting a tee time, or finding enough time during the day to get on the course or a driving range, can be difficult. This shouldn’t prevent you from working on your game. Even if you want to try out a new swing (best golf swing trainers), work on some chipping, or just enjoy the outdoors, a golf practice net is great for beginners, amateurs, all the way up to the pros.

Lowering your score (Golf Tips to Break 90) is the ultimate end game here and a practice net can help you achieve that. The options mentioned above should get you acquainted with what’s available on the market, and hopefully one of them works for you.

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