Izzo Flatball Review

Izzo flatball next to golf club

If you have been struggling to achieve the best golf swing, it might be time for some professional help, and we recommend recruiting one of the best and the most innovative golf swing training aids – The IzzoFlatball.

The Izzo Golf Flatball Golf Swing Training Aid is one of the best golf swing training aids that will help you attain that perfect swing plane.

Now, if you are new to golf, we reckon that a brief look into a golf swing plane would go a long way in helping you learn more about the sport in a shorter period.

What’s a golf swing plane?

A golf swing will benefit from using an izzo flatball.

The swing plane (how to get golf swing on plane) refers to the vertical angle between the ground and that circle within which the clubhead travels on the bottom portion of that swing arch. The swing plane is more or less the same as the shaft plane if you are using a 2D imaging/ video to learn more about how to golf.

Attaining the perfect swing plane is not, however, an easy thing, and you might have to spend months trying to perfect it, hence the need for a training aid. But before we look at the things that make this swing plane training aid a good option, let’s take a look at some more basics of the golf swing plane.


It’s worth noting that you can attain a more vertical/ higher swing plane by using a higher or a shorter-lofted club because the golf club would have to stand very close to the ball, and the plane of the swing is often vertical with a shorter club.

Now, with the swing plane number closely resembling the angle (lie angle) of your golf club, while the swing plane represents the club’s movements over a specific duration, you shouldn’t use the swing plane number to determine the lie angle.

Also, keep in mind that your height and your dynamic posture will affect your swing plane.

So, how will the IzzoFlatball help you attain the right or the perfect swing plane?

Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid

The IzzoFlatbal looks a lot like the regular golf ball, but it is much harder to hit than an actual golf ball, especially if you don’t have the right swing plane. Its design is important in teaching you how to perform the right swing plane.

And when you are finally good at hitting this flatball, you will not have trouble hitting the actual golf ball. The best bit is that learning how to hit the flatball means that you’d never again have to deal with hitting the golf ball ‘thin’ or ‘fat.’

Now, all this might sound hard, but working with the flatball is actually fun and very satisfying, you will enjoy the practice sessions, as you find your rhythm. The flatball is considerably easy to throw into the golf bag, which means that you will have it with you for more swing plane practices, either on the golf course in the backyard and even indoors.

In short, the Izzoflatball promotes the proper swing plane, and if you are not sure about your swings, and whether your swing is too steep or too shallow, the unique shape of this flatball will help you to determine that. The best part is that you can use it indoors or outdoors thanks to its flexible, soft, rubber construction.

The other reason why this training aid comes in handy for learners is that it is designed to help you sharpen your aim and posture since using this training aid allows you to attain a proper swing plane down pat.

The features that make this swing plane training aid a good option for you pretty much have everything to do with its design. This IzzoFlatball is a soft, rubber disk that stands tall at ¼” and has the same diameter as an actual golf ball.

When addressing the flatball, you will find that it looks pretty much like an actual/ real golf ball, but hitting it tells you that it isn’t an actual golf ball because hitting it is much harder than it is to hit an actual golf ball.

Thanks to its unique design, it is much harder for you to hit the Flatball without a correct swing plane, which is exactly why you need to use it to develop the correct swing plane. So, once you are good at hitting the flatball, you wouldn’t have to ever again worry about hitting an actual golf ball, Fat or Thin.

Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid

As mentioned above, the flatball lets you know if your swings are too shallow or too steep; and this function is also made possible by the shape of the flatball.

Besides the shape, IzzoFlatball is made of a soft, flexible rubber material that not only enhances its durability but also allows you to practice indoors peacefully without worrying about causing damage to furniture or the walls.

Its flexibility also means that learning to perfect your swing plane will be fun and something to look forward to as you get in the groove.

Note that while the IzzoFlatball is a quarter-inch high, allowing for the elimination of the ‘thin’ and the ‘fat’ shots, a regular golf ball is 1 5/8 inches in diameter. These differences in size mean that you have more room for error. And with the thinness of the Flatball, you have to hit it right or miss it altogether.

What does it mean to have ‘Thin’ or ‘Fat’ Shots?

Well, you have a ‘Fat’ shot (golf terminology for beginners) when your swing plane is too steep, which means that the golf club will hit the ground before hitting the ball – and you will miss the flatball. With an actual golf ball, this swing results in a ‘fat’ shot.

But if your golf club hits too high on the golf ball because your swing plane is too shallow, the hit on the regular golf ball will be a hit, and if using the flatball, the result will be a miss.

If you hit the flatball directly, it travels a short distance, hence its suitability for outdoor and indoor practice.

The flatball allows you to learn how to make the proper swing plane, which means that the golf club will contact that golf ball as well as the ground at the same time, hence a hit.


  • Teaches you how to make a proper swing plane
  • The Flatball is flexible and soft and made out of rubber for use either indoors or outdoors
  • The unique shape of the flatball lets you know whether your swing plane is too shallow or too steep
  • It’s fun to hit
  • It’s affordable
  • It is sturdy


  • Be careful not to mishit because you might hit someone or destroy stuff if you are indoors


If you have been struggling with your swing plane, the IzzoFlatball training aid might be exactly what you need.

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