Breakdown of PING G425 Series: Max, LFT, SFT

The PING G425 Series

Choosing Between the Ping G425 Max, Ping G425 LFT, And Ping G425 SFT Driver

The evolution of PING as a leading manufacturer of Golf sports equipment in America makes for an interesting story. The family-owned business PING was founded in the year 1959 by Karsten Solheim (an engineer in General Electric). Karsten was not satisfied with the performance of his putting, which led him to innovate and create a putter. “Putters” are a kind of club used in the game and sports of golf.

Some other kinds of clubs used in golf include the “woods” and the “iron”. A putter is typically used for the low-speed and relative short strokes, where the player intends to put the ball into the hole by rolling it through a strike from a short distance.

The putter Karsten designed made a pinging at the time it hit the golf ball, and hence the name. The putter clubs were made initially in the garage, and Karsten later left his job to start his own company. PING today manufactures a variety of golf bags, golf clubs, and other golf equipment as well.

The PING G-425 Series

PING is known to use the latest technologies and innovations, and for manufacturing and selling the best of putters and other golf equipment. The PING club G425 Series includes the drivers, irons, fairways, hybrids, and crossovers that may help golf players achieve big performance gains. The new clubs of the series include new technologies like the “Smart Sensor” technology and the Arccos Caddle Smart Grip technology that are breakthroughs.

For instance, the sensor technology embedded in the clubs can record as well as analyze the different shots made by the player. However, a pairing with the Arccos Caddle app is required. The smart sensors are available through the purchase of the individual clubs and are offered free of cost as well by PING on the purchase of a certain number of clubs.

The PING G-425 Driver Range

The PING G-425 Driver range includes a sophisticated and technology-laden set of drivers that elevate your sport and player experience.

The G425 “Max” Driver

The Ping G425 Max driver is named Max because it can elevate the moment of inertia (abbreviated as MOI) to the highest ever in history. The Max drivers are available both in SFT (draw bias) and LST (low spin) priority variants so that you can make the best choice and choose a driver based on the launch and swing conditions. The feet can be achieved by the driver as it includes a 26-gm weight made of tungsten, which is movable. It provides for the desired specifications and characteristics. The driver uses the “dragonfly crown” technology that can provide weight savings. The shifting weight can also be adjusted by choosing this Fade, Draw, or Neutral setting. The other important features and specifications of the Max Driver include:

A precision-forged face- the putter is designed following the precision-machine and high-strength forged face design adjustments. It enables the driver to deliver faster ball and roll speeds. The balls can travel longer distances as well.

An aerodynamic design- the driver consists of more refined crown turbulators that can reduce the aerodynamic drag. The new design thus provides for better ball velocity and higher and enhanced swing speed.

An internal ribbing- the driver and the club can also provide for a better feel and a pleasing sound due to the new internal rib structure it contains. The new structure provides for better acoustics.

Easily adjustable- the driver also provides for customization of the trajectory. The players can customize the trajectory for accuracy and distance through the use of the aerodynamic and lightweight hosel sleeve.

A trajectory tuning chart- the driver includes an eight-position hosel that is light in weight. it provides for both “lie” and “loft” adjustments.

A stock shaft- the Max Driver can deliver greater forgiveness as well as momentum. It can increase the ball distance and speed due to the inclusion of an 8-gram plug.

Optional stock shaft available- there are optional stock shaft options available as well for the driver. The Mitsubishi-Tensei shaft has the counterbalance for better control and stability, while the Aldila-Rough shaft can provide for a low spin and a stable and smooth feel.

Smart Grip with sensor- the Arccos Smart Grip records as well as analyzes every shot when it is paired with the Arccos Caddle application.

Why Choose PING Max Driver

The driver is a good counterpart for the golfers who can hit straight but are not highly comfortable with the weight placement. They can use the driver to eliminate the draws and fades.

The PING G425 LST (Low Spin Technology) Driver

The Ping LST G425 driver has a 445 cc and pear-shaped head. It provides for a reduced spin, which is what is desired by the fastest swing and speed players. The driver also includes the T9S+ face that can increase the flexing for greater distances. The head of the driver includes a CG (center of gravity) shifter that has the Fade, Neutral, and Draw adjustment and settings.

These adjustments can be made for ensuring the desired ball flight and for adjusting the swing. The PING LST driver also includes many breakthrough technologies, and the desired and appreciated specifications found in other drivers of the G425 Series. These features and specifications include:

  • The internal dragonfly for increasing the moment of inertia.
  • Internal ribbing for better acoustics.
  • Easy adjustability for customizing distance, and better accuracy.
  • The trajectory tuning chart for tuning the flight of the ball.
  • A stock shaft for moving distance and speed.
  • Optional stock shafts, including the Mitsubishi and the Aldila shafts that provide benefits like stability control and a smooth and stable feel.

The Smart-Grip sensor and technology are present as a standard on all the drivers of the series. All the shots can be recorded and analyzed through the use of the Arccos Caddie application. The use of the application may provide for incremental improvements over some time and may improve the game and performance.

Why Choose LST G425

The particular LST driver and model should be used by advanced and skilled golfers who aim to reduce the spin of the ball, depending on how hard they hit it. The Ping LST driver is for the golfers who want to possess greater control over all the aspects of the game. The experts can be even better at the game by using this particular driver and model.

The PING G425 SFT (Straight Fit Technology) Driver

The SFT model of the PING drivers can bring the shots back on the line, and propel them into the fairway. The driver consists of a 23-gram Tungsten. The metal inclusion shifts the weight and the center of gravity closer to the heel. The driver is better at accentuating the right-to-left shot bends when compared to the other drivers like the Max driver. The new forged face of the driver can add greater distance to the shots and provide for enhanced flexing.

Other features and specifications of SFT: many innovations, technologies, and features are included in the SFT model as well. These include a fast design, internal ribbing, easy adjustability, tuning chart, smart grips, and optional stock shafts.

Why Choose SFT G425 Driver

Missing the shots to the right (How To Stop Slicing) is a common problem with many golfers. The SFT driver model can help the golfers overcome the problem by bringing the shorts back online. The use of the driver itself may ensure that the shots come back into the fairway. The driver can be used to achieve the “right to left” shot bend, approx. and close to 25 yards. The driver also has a relatively lighter swing weight. The reduced weight can also provide for ball flight corrections as well as quicker club speed.

The SFT hotel can be the best buy and a good option for the beginner as well as the intermediate golfers. These players may often face the issue of the slice and would want to get it corrected. The new driver from PING and help them profile the ball right into the main fairway.


PING is one of the most reputed brands in the golf equipment segment. The company is known to pursue advanced research and development and frequently comes up with the latest innovations and features in the products it offers. Any of the drivers from PING can boast of superior quality, reliability, and a range of new features that are unmatched in the market. 

The PING Max, LST, and SFT drivers of the G425 series can all offer unbeatable performance and can be chosen based on the requirements and needs. The Max driver should be picked up by the intermediate or the beginner golfers who are learning the game and want to hit the ball straighter and farther rather easily. The LST (low-speed technology) driver and model should be chosen by the advanced and the skilled and expert golfers that aim to reduce the speed of the ball. The experts can gain even greater control over the game through the use of the LST driver. Lastly, the SFT (straight flight technology) driver and model is useful for beginner and intermediate golfers that want to correct the slice and put the ball into the fairways.

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